Check out our different food menu’s below. We are still working on our English menu, so please bear with us while we finish them and take this chance to practice your Dutch skills. To complement your dishes we also have a drinks menu- we serve coffee, juices, gin & tonics, wine and a wide variety of real Dutch, and International beers.


Breakfast bowls, scrambled eggs, the Superette Superstart, crêpe rouge, the New York avocado sesam bagel, a watermelon salad, or a soup? Merely a sneak peek in our beautiful breakfast and lunch menu. We start serving breakfast at 9AM daily, and lunch at 11AM, both until 3.30PM.

Check out our breakfast/lunch menu


On our Snackerette menu you will find snacks such as Dutch cheese, nacho’s, and charcuterie. We also serve codfish bitterballs, these are a very-special-must-try-alternative of the original bitterballs. Are you with a group or just super hungry? Then we recommend ordering our Supersized platter. Ordering from our Snackerette menu is possible throughout the whole day.

check out our Snackerette menu


Between 5PM and 10PM our kitchen crew is ready to serve you dinner. Feel free to start it off with one of our starters. Having a hard time making a decision? Sharing is caring! Just order the Superette Planchette, you will reiceive a variety of our top starters all on one plate. Our main dishes are a mix of real authentic (Dutch) classics, with here and there a modern twist to keep up with the new generation. Into mussels? So are we. Also, don’t take off before digging into one of our Superdesserts. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Check out our dinner menu

In case of any allergies, please let our waiters know so our cooks can serve you an allergy-free meal!